While the blues and rock n’ roll did not originate in the region, but were profoundly influenced in our area and certainly rock, in the form of rockabilly, was here and prominent on the verge of its rise to national and world prominence. Without boogie woogie, which originated in our area, there would have been no jazz. Dr. John Tennison of our Advisory Group states that without boogie woogie, none of the genres that originated in the United States would exist, or would be very different from what we have. The pages under this header will illustrate just how much influence our region had on rock n’ roll and the blues. Jazz is listed separately. With the designation of US 59 as the “Boogie Woogie Highway,” and with US 82 designated the “Rock n’ Roll Highway,” Texarkana is, in fact, the Crossroads of Boogie Woogie and Rock n’ Roll.

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