Dave Daily’s storied life began as a baby birthed at home, located at 819 Orleans,just back of the property he still occupies -that family land. Dave started school at College Hill Elementary and went on through his schooling like any normal student with one exception -he fell in love with the drums at the age of 9 when he saw a film with Gene Krupa. Nothing else would do -he wanted to play like Krupa! One of his lifetime high-lights was meeting Krupa when he played at the Texarkana Armory. Dave managed to get a picture with the great drummer and went to see him perform whenever he played anywhere within driving distance.
By the time Dave hit high school he was a fully equipped as a drummer, playing with local student bands, and leading his AHS band as Drum Major for two years. Then off to college in Magnolia where he made drum major there, too …for eight weeks, that is. Dave just couldn’t stand not to be playing gigs. He joined several pickup bands on a per-gig basis, then hooked up with Buzz Messner, a pianist in Longview who was putting together a trio for the Petroleum Club. That group ultimately went on tour for two years, mostly up in the Great Lakes area, where Messner was from.
Dave came home for a bit, teaching drummers at Loveall Music Company on State Line Avenue. His first student was Dave Stewart who went on to have a career as a drummer. He was called “Dave Daily’s Carbon Copy” because he played just like Dave -quite a compliment from student to teacher.
Then the gig-playing itch got to him, so Dave started playing with various groups in Louisiana, such as Paul Howard’s Western Swing Band, and even Justin Wilson’s band. Of course, Shreveport was a continuous source of events, and Dave Daily was the first call drummer. His abilities allowed him to meet some pretty interesting people such as John Wayne when Dave played for his “Horse Soldier” movie premiere. Once he was playing for a party in Lewisville and a young law-yer asked to sit in on a set. That young lawyer was not yet Governor of Arkan-sas, but he already had goals that would eventually take him to the White House.
When Dave decided to join the Army, he didn’t just sign up for whatever the Brass had in mind for a typical unit to do. Dave was in the Army Band, with basic training at Camp Chaffee near Ft. Smith, and then played regularly on base at Ft. Hood for three years.
After serving his country Dave Daily came home -where his heart was. And he began a long career of teaching young students to play drums, and still remembers even his first 7 yr. old Casey Jones. Some of them played through high school, some play in their churches and with occasional pickup bands, still others have made a successful career of drumming, such as Curtis Smith, drummer for the band BOSTON.
Dave is content to let his students enjoy the limelight. He feels that he has accomplished his life’s purpose, and he takes pride in the values and skills he in-stilled in his students. He’s just a hometown guy with an amazing gift he has been willing to share. “I love Texarkana,” says Dave. “No matter where I’ve been, Texarkana is the best town.”

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